Harmony of Heroes is a Super Smash Bros fan-arrangement album celebrating and paying tribute to the music of Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is a collaborative effort made up of musicians on a global scale, ranging from digitally synthesised music to live performances covering a variety of different genres. The diversity of the album allows us to reach out to many different types of fans no matter their musical preference.

The album builds upon the success of Harmony of a Hunter and Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, two Metroid focused albums marking the 25th Anniversary of the Metroid franchise. Both of these albums covered the majority of music present in Metroid games at that time, and Smash Bros felt like the next natural step in an effort to reach out to even more people. The name Heroes was chosen to describe the characters we choose in Super Smash Bros, the ones who help us reign triumphant in those epic brawls. They are our heroes.

Our album is vast in content, covering the majority of franchises featured in these titles. While you can expect to hear iconic themes representing some of the game’s most notable additions, you may be surprised to find we have covered some of the more obscure ones too. In some cases, we haven’t been afraid to experiment a little, offering a fresh perspective to those who listen.

Harmony of Heroes is a collaborative effort on a global scale. It is also, at the time of writing, the largest fan-arrangement album for a video game ever created, featuring more than ninety tracks by over sixty different musicians and groups. Our art team comprises of fourteen talented individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to creating some incredible artwork to compliment the album and website. Finally, none of this could be possible without the devotion of our team of Assistant Directors who have been actively providing feedback and support to all members to ensure that the album runs as smoothly as it can.



The largest and most diverse fan-arrangement album ever. With 101 tracks to enjoy, Harmony of Heroes has something for everyone, regardless of musical preference.


A collaborative effort on a global scale. Our album features musicians from around the world, ranging from digitally produced music to live performances.


Stunning artwork compliments the music, focusing on franchises throughout the Super Smash Bros series.



Q: Why a Super Smash Bros album?

A: After the overwhelming response of our two previous Metroid albums “Harmony of a Hunter” and “Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run” we were encouraged to create another album. However, we felt that we had done everything possible with the Metroid franchise, so in order to appeal to our Metroid loving audience, we created a tribute to the Super Smash Bros series in the hope to reach out to even more people!

Q: Will you be releasing a physical copy of the album?

A: We only have plans for a digital release for Harmony of Heroes, and this is unlikely to change.

Q: Why didn’t you include Sonic on the album?

A: There were many tracks we didn’t have time to include on Harmony of Heroes, for various reasons. In regards to Sonic, we had plans to include a couple of tracks from the beloved character, but our priority at the time was to focus on other franchises. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to include him in this release, however we are open to the possibility of including the franchise in a future expansion or sequel to Harmony of Heroes if we decide to come back to the Heroes project.

Q: Can you provide this album in other formats?

A: For this release, we decided to offer MP3 and Apple Lossless format. We are also considering a BRSTM release for fans who wish to include their music in Project M. We may consider other formats in the future, so keep your eyes on the website!

Q: Are you making a profit from Harmony of Heroes?

A: Harmony of Heroes is a non-profit album, created by fans, for fans. This is a labour of love, something that we wanted to put together for the enjoyment of others. This was a condition of anyone wishing to get involved in the project from day one. Musicians have given their time and effort to put this incredible album together, for which we deeply appreciate.

Q: How did you find the musicians and artists for Harmony of Heroes?

A: We sourced musicians from various communities such as Newgrounds, YouTube and Soundcloud. Some of the musicians returned from our previous albums and some were close friends who wished to contribute something. Our art team were mostly sourced from Deviantart, and word of mouth. The musicians and groups and artists involved are from multiple locations around the planet, making it a global collaborative effort.

Q: Can I use your music in my videos?

A: Providing that you are not monetising your video, and give full credit to the musician and to Harmony of Heroes, we allow you to use our music. If you wish to use the music for any other purpose, please contact us using the web form at the bottom of the website.

Q: What is your next project?

A: At the time of writing, we are already hard at work planning our next project, which we hope to announce in the near future! Stay tuned to our social media pages for further information!


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