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01. Challenger Approaching | Rozen (feat. Laura Intravia, Brenda Puepke, Omar Najmi & Angel Mannion) (download )

02. Sunset at Mushroom Castle | Bernardo Limon (download )

03. Stroll through the Mushroom World | Andrew Lim (download )

04. Sad Underground | Forgotten Dawn (download )

05. A Twisted Carousel | Steampianist (download )

06. Shining Path | prophetic music  (download )

07. Cleanse the Sun | Dare to Oppress (download )

08. Who Will Win the Race? | Andrew Lim (download )

09. Baffle Ball | The Fishhead (download )

10. A Vivid Cruise to the Finish | Andrew Lim (download )

11. Bros. before Ghosts | Konrad Petersson (download )




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